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AFX series expansion tanks

Code: 02

The AFX series expansion tanks are made of stainless steel with interchangeable membrane made of EPDM or BUTYL.
Operating temperature -10°C +100°C.

The AFX series expansion tanks are available in different sizes:
» 8 lt.
» 18 lt.
» 24 lt.
» 50 lt.
» 100 lt.

External casing
Flange, counter flange, bracket feet. Stainless steel sheet AISI 304 certified 3.1.

Internal membrane
Interchangeable high resistance EPDM rubber. Fatigue tests on the entire range 50,000 cycles.

Exterior finish
Anti-scratch polishing on bare products. Electric-brightening and passivation on all products with feet and brackets. Individual testing on the entire range. Product identification label showing individual serial number.

Nominal operating pressure
10 bar on entire range. Operating temperature: -10°C +100°. Precharge Factory: 2 bars.

CE mark
Comply with PED requirements. Instructions for use by QR on the label.

Autoclaves Vessels for civil use, industrial, marine, food, chemical, heating systems, solar panel systems, heat recovery systems, cogeneration plants, sewage treatment plants, livestock facilities, furnishing of technical rooms high aesthetic / visual impact. Products suitable for use in extreme environments.

Membrana butile. HT membrane for high temperature. Precharge 0.5-6 bar. Attachment counter-flange 1 “gas for 8 lt. Attachment 3/4 “gas from AFX 24 to AFX 100. Counter-flange with stainless steel or politilene filter. Possibility of personalizated products.

New universal motor-bracket support. Unified operating pressure at 10 bar for all the range. New exterior finishing for high view impact applications. Supporting feet with ample space drilling for easy fixing to the ground.

Packaging on single box. Recyclable cardboard “green”. All boxes from AFX 24 have convenient side handles for lifting. Multiple package of European pallets 120x80.